Across the pond we go

Author: Emily Bonia

While I travel plenty, my passport has been seriously lacking in the stamps department. I set off on a goal, read: competition, to beat my best friend in reaching every continent by the age of 25. I am now 24, and I am farther behind than I had hoped. Of course, for logistics purposes, we haven’t included Antarctica or Greenland as continents, not because they don’t count but because they’re incredibly pricey to get to as I’m still a student.


This week, I’m incredibly blessed as I have the opportunity to return to the United Kingdom, a country near and dear to my heart. In September of 2013, I attended Harlow campus with Andrew (the owner of this blog), and with the help of some amazing people (Dr. Chris Dunn and friends) I found a second home in the most unfamiliar of places.


I’m not only returning because I love the UK, but also, because I am attending an amazing conference called Trust; a conference about ending global slavery. A conference I’ve been daydreaming about for years to attend. As it’s my last year (we hope) in graduate studies, it’s my last year to avail of cheaper student rates for events such as this.


So, without giving too much away, my week will be a little hectic. Travelling from the north of England, back to London, and even to the “far east.”


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