Day 2

It is coming to the end of day 2. Before I go into day two I’ll give a little recap of last night and yesterday.

I spent a lot of yesterday afternoon napping. Supper was at 5:00 so I had to be up in time to eat. After supper I went back to my room and relaxed for a bit, then went out to the pub with some classmates.

Today was not as eventful; it was a little low-key.

Two other friends from MUN had arrived by the time I got up to reception, so we headed to the TESCO which is about a 20 minute walk. After we got back they went for a nap and I went for a walk to another market with two other friends, and after that we came back and had some lunch. I Facetimed with my two good friends from back home, Steve and Kayla, and after that it was another nap, then supper which was really good.


After supper I came back to my room and did some reorganizing. When I have it fully cleaned I’ll post some proper pictures.

I’m heading out in a little while with the group to try a different pub tonight. We met the chief last night while we were at the other pub which is a little further down the street.

It looks like I’ll be heading in to London tomorrow so I’ll have another update then.