Napa California day 3

I had another great day today, in the morning we went down town Napa for breakfest at a place called the “Napa General Store” I had a lovely breakfest, poched eggs, bacon toast and tea. The tea was in one of the biggest mugs I’ve ever seen ,its what my grandfather would call a kidney buster . After breakfast we walked around down town for a look, their was a car show on the go with all kinds of classic cars which was cool to see.

this is the river that flows though Napa, they eventually flows in to San Francisco bay. After breakfast we took another run out to Marshalls, after that we came back to the house to relax for a bit before attending the bluegrass concert at Copiea CIA. (Culinary institute of America) The concert was very enjoyable, large crowds The lineup for the food and drinks was very long but in the end worth the wait. A friend joined myself and my aunt towards the end and we had a good chat. After we went across to a food hall, where we shared some food and drink it was a most enjoyable day. Tomorrow is going to be a more low key day, as it’s been a busy couple of days .

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California-Day one and two

It’s been a busy but wonderful first couple of day on my trip to California.

I left St John’s 0630am on 08/16 fight to Toronto was good and uneventful, same with going though Toronto. One thing I must mention is the new additions to St John’s airport is fantastic, theirs so much more security lines, so that speeds thing up, as well the new departure area after security is really good, so many other places to eat and sit,and including yellow belly pub As for the flights, .the longest flight I found was yyz to sfo, the plane was very crammed with not a lot of room other then the space issue it was a present flight with very little turbulence. I had a great view of the rocky mounts flying in over Nevada .Nevada/California Photos about are of both Nevada and California .

The longest part of the trip was getting in to San Francisco airport (SFO),

When we finally got on the ground, we sat on the tarmac for about 25-30 mins the flight crew came on several times and said 15min then 10 min this happened a couple of times. When I finally got in to the terminal and got my luggage, I made my way to find the bus to go to Napa. Sadly I had missed the 230pm bus. The next bus was 430pm so I had time to kill I found this nice restaurant where I got a flat bread pizza and a beer, that held me over until I got to Napa that was a lovely snack.

The beer I had was one of the best I ever had, it was actually local to Napa.

On Friday my self and my aunt went our for breakfast to black bear dinner which was a good, I asked for a breakfast sandwich, which wasn’t on the menu but they gladly accommodated and made it which was great . After breakfast we come back to the house to check on Sophie ann, and let her out. This afternoon we went to see Mamma Mia, it was actually a very enjoyable movie

After the movie we came back to the house for a bit to relax and again let Ms Sophie out. For supper we zipped out to Trader Joes and Whole foods and picked up a chicken and salads and had that for supper.

That’s all my news for today. Tomorrow evening where going to an out door bluegrass festival in the evening, as for the rest of the day, we’ll see what the day brings.

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Winter Vacation Day 4-Hollywood Studios

Hollywood Studios is by far the best theme park I have ever visited.

It’s really a park that is for an older demographic , I would classify in the age group of 16+, although their is lots to do for younger kids, I think the older teens and adults would appreciate it the most.

It has shopping, rides , attractions and lots of places to eat.
Like every park it has it’s different areas. My favourite part was an area called Streeets of America .

It had a different street done up from the early 20th century, New York and  , San Francisco are the two that stood out the most to me. What I like about what Disney does is, they make all these fake type shops but with store front widows, it’s really pretty cool.

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Winter Vacation 2016-Day 1

First blog post on a Trip in a long time.
I am currently on vacation in Orlanado for 8 days, the plan is to hit all 4 parks.

Day One: Departure

It was an early rise, 3:15 and to the airport by 4.00, with a 545 departure.We were a delayed leaving St John’s by about 20 mins, getting  in to Toronto  just about on time.Getting though the airport was uneventful, customs was straight forward. However we were about 4 hours late leaving Toronto, due to mostly waiting in line for deciding.

We got to the hotel, got checked in and settled away. We then went to look for something to eat, and ended up eating a this BBQ join/pit, I would not recommend . The service was mediocre,, the full was horrible, all 3 of us sent our meals back, and they were no better when we got them back the second time , maybe a little worse. Mine was under cooked the first time, and the second time dripping with Greece.  By the time we got back to the hotel the 3 of us was extremely ill, because of our food we ate,thankfully it didn’t last more then  a couple hours. The next day we spent the day at Epcot. Stay tune for the next blog entry.