South By Sea and the Isle of Wright: The Real England, Part 1

The south of England and Portsmouth are absolutely beautiful. It’s how I had always pictured England. It’s amazing that it’s December 7th and the grass is still as green as it would be in July.

Today I had a walk around Portsmouth. What a busy place. Lots of people out doing their Christmas shopping. There are lots of signs of the Christmas season, including a Salvation Army band playing in the square. It really puts you in the mood for the holiday season.

I will post videos once my phone syncs to iCloud.

They also have traditional butcher shops over there. This is truly England. The big corporations haven’t taken over completely yet, thankfully.

I also went over to the Isle of Wright (they say it as “white”) today, by way of a hovercraft. That was pretty neat and took only 10 minutes. There was a lot to see over there but I only spent a few hours. I mainly just had something to eat and then walked around the shopping area and came back.

I had to change hotels tonight and I wanted to get back so I could get to it in daylight and see the area before it got too dark. Turns out I’m in the middle of nowhere.

I’m heading back to London tomorrow so I’ll be able to post some more pictures then.