Hello London

Well, exams are over and I have exactly one week until I go home. I’m currently in London for just a few hours before I head to South By Sea, on the south coast of England. If anyone has seen the episode of Mr. Bean where he goes on vacation (it’s called “Mr. Bean in Room 426”), that’s the hotel I’m staying at tonight. £60 for the night, which I thought was pretty good–must be low season.

This was the hotel:
(picture coming soon)

Not very many signs of Christmas from what I can see in London yet. Not overly surprised, as the area I am in is full of shops. This was the only sign I saw of Christmas when I was in London yesterday.

I spent most of the day in London and had lunch at a pub around Edgware Road called the Green Man. They have the best burgers ever! I highly recommend.

I arrived at South By Sea in the dark, at 05:00 in the day. Very weird for it to be dark so soon.

Next entry will be entirely on South By Sea.

Coming soon:

A summary of the term of field trips that we went on during our Wednesday trips; also a more in-depth summary of our three main trips to Paris, Edinburgh and Brussels.

A three part series called “A Look at the Real England.”