First London Trip

This was supposed to be posted a couple of days ago but I am only now getting around to it.

This was a really busy weekend, but very rewarding. It was two days of nonstop go go go go.

On Friday we got to London at around 5:00. Getting there was a bit of an adventure, as we missed the first train and the second was cancelled. Then another train came along so we got on, only to discover it was the wrong one. It worked out, however, because it stopped at another station that actually connected up with the London Underground. When we got in to London we found our hostel and got checked in, then walked around Buckingham Palace as it was close to our hostel only to get stuck in a downpour. Both me and my buddy Mark got soaked right though. To make matters worse we had no umbrella.

We had an early night Friday as we were up really early Saturday morning.


  • Got our London Pass
  • Looked around Trafalgar Square
  • Went to Westminster Abbey
  • Went to Churchill War Room
  • Took a boat ride up the river
  • Visited Tower of London
  • HMS Belfast (NOT WORTH IT)
  • Had some supper
  • Walked around some more
  • Took the boat back so far and headed back to our hostel


  • Early rise
  • Went out to Windsor
  • Saw Windsor Castle (very impressive)
  • Looked around some more of London
  • Went to a bookstore
  • Got our bags and headed back

It was a long weekend. Now I’m back in Harlow getting a head start on the week ahead as next weekend will be even busier.

I won’t reveal too much now but I am going to one place on this earth that I love, Switzerland. The hope is to take a train though the Alps. More on this in the days to come.