First Blog: I have arrived

Hello everyone! I have arrived in beautiful Harlow, Essex.

The flight arrived a little early and was very uneventful–I slept for most of it. Arriving early didn’t really make much of a difference once you got your things together, got off the plane and walked for what felt like 10 miles to the immigration/customs points.

The longest part of the trip was after I arrived: the car ride from Heathrow airport to Harlow took about an hour with early morning traffic. It was not as bad as I expected, but still busy. Traffic going in the other direction seemed like it was backed up pretty far.

My room is small but the perfect size, plus I have my own bathroom so I’m happy with that. A shout out to Steve and Kayla–miss you guys!

Plans for today: get adjusted to the time difference and maybe take a nap. Then perhaps start in on some school work to keep ahead of things.

I’ll post some more pictures later today.

That’s all for now.